Prepare For The 3G Sunset

With the 3G network making way for faster and more versatile 4G and 5G technology, we're aware that as operators, you are having to review how you will maintain connectivity for on-bus equipment that is currently dependent on 3G, across your fleets. This includes ensuring that your Ticketer ticket machines and handheld devices can continue to operate as you need them to.

That’s why we’ve created a handy online tool to help you pick the most suitable solution for you and your fleet, as you transition away from 3G.

What do we know so far?

We've been informed that network carriers will be shifting their dependency on the 3G network to these next generation systems. With this focus, comes a need to free up the frequencies from 3G and reduce the cost of maintaining the 3G network. As a result, the network carriers have announced that they will not be able guarantee 3G network availability after 2022. The 3G network will still be available throughout 2022, but if any faults occur with the infrastructure (for example masts), the carriers have advised they will be unable to guarantee supporting maintenance after this time.

What this means for you

If operators haven’t addressed this before 2023, the expectation at Ticketer is that we will still be able to manage data information flow around ticket management and sales for operators. We won’t, however, be able to predict any introduced latency due to the potential impact of coverage changes in some areas. The most direct impact would be live access to real time information and location data. Rest assured that everything is stored on our Ticketer ETMs, and will be fully functional whilst off-line, and as soon as the bus regains connection, the Ticketer ETM will send through all the data to the back-office.

However, if your operations are dependent on real time information about where each bus in your fleet is at any one time, that data would not be transmitted should the bus remain in an area with no 3G network coverage. In situations with significant removal of network coverage, where your fleet may run without a signal for a longer period, it can have more of an operational impact.

So, preparation is key!

The best thing we can advise is to consider all the pieces of equipment on your bus that rely on communications, if they depend on 3G and how reliant your business is on this connectivity. How many SIMs are currently used onboard your fleet? Do you operate in an area where you require multiple carriers to maintain consistent connectivity across your network?

Then please do get in touch with our friendly team at We have options to help you navigate this and help future-proof your operations as seamlessly as possible.

Choosing the right option for you

At Ticketer, we like to keep things simple.

That's why we've created a handy online tool to help you understand what option is right for your fleet, to ensure continued connectivity.

Simply answer a few quick questions and you'll see our recommendation at the end.

Help me choose

Alternatively, feel free to explore some of our 4G ready solutions.

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