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How many vehicles do you have in your fleet?


Is always-on connectivity important to you?


How many SIM-dependent devices do you have on board, in addition to your ETM?


Do you have a Communications Gateway that all / some of your devices can connect through for data communications?


We have been looking at ways to deliver a connected bus by introducing a central communications hub that would:

  • Reduce vehicle costs by removing duplicated comms devices and services​
  • Deliver Vehicle Device Monitoring
  • Provide Improved tracking (Ultra-high precision inertial GPS)
  • Pave the way to delivering added value services on board vehicles such as automatic passenger counting, destination display management etc.

Could your fleet benefit from this?


Will you benefit from higher precision location data and tracking of your buses in future?

Q4. Which of the following features are available to you as an operator?
Q5. Would you have a future need for any of these features?