Ticketer launch campaigns in first-time partnership with Bus Users UK and Women in Transport

5 September 2023


Ticketer launch two new campaigns in a first-time partnership with Bus Users UK and Women in Transport, encouraging female ridership and women to work within the industry. 

Ticketer have announced the release of two video campaigns in a first-of-its-kind partnership with charities Bus Users UK and Women in Transport. 

The first campaign, titled ‘Making Public Transport Even Safer’, will be released as part of Catch the Bus Month 2023 and is aimed at increasing safety on board whilst encouraging female ridership. The initiative provides an action plan for passengers to follow, advice on spotting signs of abuse and what actions to take when abuse is spotted, in addition to offering guidance to Public Transport Operators on how to make bus travel even safer to improve the passenger experience. 

The second campaign, titled ‘Women Behind the Wheel: Driving Diversity in Transport’, seeks to empower women in the industry and increase organisational standards for better female representation in positions of authority, given 60% of UK bus users are women but only 20% of women make up the UK bus industry’s workforce. 

Both campaigns were filmed on location at Reading Buses and feature interviews with colleagues from Bus Users UK, Women in Transport, Ticketer and Reading Buses.  

Claire Walters, Chief Executive at Bus Users UK, comments: “Being able to travel safely and with confidence is vital for the millions of women who rely on bus services. This work being done with Ticketer and Women in Transport shows how important it is for women to be represented at all levels of the industry so that together, we can improve the journey for everyone.”

Daljit Kalirai, Sales and Partnerships Director at National Express and Women in Transport Board Member, says:Ensuring that public transport feels even safer is paramount for the well-being of all passengers, especially women and children. As a mother of two daughters and a member of Women in Transport, I have a unique perspective on the importance of making public transport feel even safer. Feeling secure while using public transportation is essential for physical and emotional health. Travelling safely & confidently ensures equal access to transport for women and girls. It allows them to travel independently and access education, employment, healthcare, and go about their day without fear or harassment.

Women in Transport serves as a role model for future generations of women and girls. When they see women succeeding in the transportation field, it encourages them to pursue careers in traditionally male-dominated industries. With better representation within the sector, women can help shape transport for future generations. When public transport is perceived as safe, more people are likely to use it. This can lead to reduced traffic congestion and air pollution, which benefits the environment and the overall quality of life in cities. 

Mercedes Llewellyn, Ticketer’s Senior Marketing Manager, says: At Ticketer, we feel very strongly about creating safer public transport and workspaces for women, and understand that to do so requires a great deal of collaboration and partnership. That’s why working so closely with both Bus Users UK and Women in Transport is so important. We hope that together we can foster a culture of inclusivity, empathy and understanding that empowers women to travel and work within our industry with confidence and peace of mind.”  

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