Onboard with Richard Blackburn-Hughes

31 March 2022

Richard Blackburn-Hughes, Group Business Development DirectorFor the latest edition of our ‘Onboard with…’ series, we caught up with Richard Blackburn-Hughes, Group Business Development Director, and talked about the importance of developing partnerships within our industry.

Richard joined Ticketer Group at the end of last year, to help shape up our partnership programmes and find new and innovative opportunities to market.


1. Richard, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role within Ticketer Group?

I joined Ticketer Group last year to lead on strategic partnerships and mergers, and acquisitions across the group. I started my career working as a strategy consultant before moving to a prominent music rights management organisation to lead their strategy team. I read geography at university and am a bit of a public transport nut, so it’s really exciting to be working for such an innovative company in the public transport sector.

2. What do partnerships mean for Ticketer Group in your experience so far, and what value do they bring?

We want to grow the number of public transport journeys by helping operators and transport authorities offer efficient, reliable public transport services with amazing passenger experiences.

By partnering with others in the market, we can offer even more value and open new opportunities to operators and local authorities. We can enable seamless intermodal travel, open up new channels for ticket sales, and deliver new functionality complimentary to our core offering.

Our partners benefit from both our scale in the UK and Nordics and our longstanding understanding and knowledge of the industry. We are also providing an open technology platform that is easy to integrate with.

3. What have you been up to since joining Ticketer Group?

My time roughly divides between exploring and assessing new partnership opportunities, negotiating agreements and helping ensure our partnerships succeed through implementation. Last year we announced partnerships with Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) providers Via and Padam Mobility, and so far this year we have added Palisis and Bled System to our portfolio. We continue to have a strong pipeline of opportunities that we are pursuing.

I’m also responsible for mergers and acquisitions for the group, and we have high ambitions to expand through acquisition where it supports our strategy. I spend time identifying and assessing opportunities, leading discussions with owners and management teams, alongside developing business cases for viable pursuits.

4. Are there any exciting projects are on the horizon that you can tell us about?

The first implementations of our integrated ticketing with DRT are happening over the next few months. It will be exciting to see the offer come to fruition and deliver its intended improvements in intermodality and passenger experience.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the first coach and bus tickets sold through online travel agents as a result of our partnership with Palisis.

5. And finally, if you could take a long bus journey with anyone famous, who would it be and why?

For me, bus journeys are best when you are excitedly anticipating your destination and having the opportunity to reflect, enjoy the view from the window and people-watch. So, I would choose Bob Mortimer, a fantastic comedian, to help bring laughter along for the journey.


Some of the things we have won


Received 'Most Innovative Public Transport Technology 2022' award, by the UK Transport Awards.

Winners of the 2022 Euro Bus Expo Innovation Challenge Bronze Award.

Winners of the 'ROSCO Silver Award for Contribution to Safer Driving' 2022

Profit Track 100 2021

Ranked in The Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100, acknowledging the impressive performance and contributions of the featured companies to the economy and society during the pandemic

Transport Ticketing

Winner of the Transport Ticketing Awards 2021 'Digital Champion' Category

Ticketer Award Megabuyte

Listed as 3rd in the Megabuyte Emerging Stars Awards which recognise the top 25 best-performing scale-up Companies of the Year in the UK, for industry-specific software

Ones to Watch award

Named as “One to Watch” in the European Business Awards

Ticketer Award Thames Valley

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year & High Growth Business of the Year

Gold Winner of the Coach and Bus Innovation Challenge 2019 for our passenger app Kazoot

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