Did you know? - Single-Use QR Codes

Many operators make use of printed QR codes for period tickets so they can quickly and easily validate tickets presented by passengers and get enhanced data about where those tickets have been used. With Ticketer’s latest enhancement, operators can now get that same benefit, but for single-use tickets.

What is it….?

Ticketer’s optional QR code reader offers the opportunity to validate and record QR Codes from either printed period tickets (for example, daily, weekly or even monthly paper ones) or Mobile Applications (mTickets), providing a quicker and more effective means of authentication and validation.

Beyond the means to validate these tickets and removing that burden from the driver, the ability to read these tickets means operators can now access a much richer set of data regarding the use of these tickets so that operators can not only see how many times each type of ticket is used, but where these tickets are used.

However, up until now it has only been possible to print QR codes for period tickets where the ticket expires after a set period. This has led to many operators asking if it could be possible for QR codes to be printed on return tickets, amongst others.

Ticketer is now pleased to announce that it can meet that requirement meaning single use QR codes can be employed which allows operators to capture usage data on return tickets as they can with period tickets.

This feature makes use of Ticketer’s QR Hotlisting feature, where operators could manually add any QR codes which they would like to be blocked by the ETM, but such tickets are automatically hotlisted as soon as they are used, thereby meeting the requirement for only allowing a QR code to be used once. The QR hotlist shows which QR codes have been added manually or automatically and any QR codes added automatically are also pruned automatically from the list once they have expired to avoid the list becoming too long.

Operators interested in this feature may also find value in another recent development which reports on any failed attempts using QR codes, for example should a QR code be expired, invalid or even blocked for being hotlisted.


In Summary…


Print period and single-use QR codes

One of the key advantages for printing QR codes on printed period tickets is that it provides valuable data on where and how such tickets are used and it is extremely desirable to have that insight on non-period tickets such as a Return ticket.

Hotlist QR Codes

Hotlisting or blocking QR codes allows you to stop the use of an issued QR code in circumstances such as the ticket being lost or fraudulently misused.

Single-use QR codes

QR codes on certain tickets can be configured to automatically be hotlisted as soon as they are used, thereby making them single-use QR codes, perfect for Return tickets, but also many other use-cases.

Richer Data

Via the Ticketer Portal, operators can track the usage pattern of all those transactions where a QR code was successfully used and well as report on any failed transactions as a result of expired or blocked QR codes.



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