Bus & Coach Buyer Feature: The Age of Contactless

26 January 2023

Bus & Coach Buyer FeatureWe recently met with Bus & Coach Buyer to chat about our upcoming innovations and the future of contactless. You can read the feature below. 


Contactless fare collection is well and truly here in our industry, but where do things develop from here as boundaries between technology and ticketing blur?

Andreea Reardon Ticketer GroupChief among Ticketer’s developments in recent months is its work on EMV contactless ticketing. Andreea Reardon, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Ticketer, said: “While EMV ticketing becomes more widespread, there’s still a lot of individual use cases we are looking at dealing with. There is still a lot to be done around pay-as-you-go. There is still more work to do on longer and more complex routes with this, where we need to support different fare structures. We’re working with more customers to roll out Tap On / Tap Off to support pay-as-you-go and more complex fares.” 

Ticketer’s Tap Off Readers should provide rich data from contactless transitions for better fleet management, providing additional insight on where people are getting on and off the bus, allowing operators to optimise networks. Ticketer says TORs should lead to 70% quicker boarding times.  

Ticketer is also currently looking at the possibilities of addressing the pre-purchase ticketing model, such as with higher fares for monthly or weekly periods, through contactless payment. Andreea said: “We’re still in early stages but we’ve seen some positive interest from the industry to take that forward.” 

The company is looking at ways it can deal with multi-operator and multi-modal ticketing across the UK. It is also working around the concept of what Andreea describes as the connected bus concept. At the centre of this is its Smart Gateway 

Richard Blackburn-Hughes, Head of Commercial, said: “Operators want to work with the best in class of different technologies, but that creates the complexity of working with various stakeholders and multiple portals. There’s data in lots of different places. Our connected bus strategy and Smart Gateway product is to try and help bring consolidation where it makes sense. You can still work with partners you choose but you’ve got simple integrations with the ticketing technology to mean less hardware onboard and it’s easier to maintain. You also get the benefit of data from different providers in one place.” 

Richard added: “We have a QR code API that allows operators to issue Ticketer-read tickets through digital channels or maybe integration with mass platforms.” 

An update to the Ticketer ETMs is expected toward the end of this year, which will see the computer part of the machine replaced with an Android-based tablet. Andreea said: “This will give us extra power and processing and will future proof it.” 

Ticketer will continue to support existing ticket machines and continue to deploy all available updates to its customers’ ETMs.

Some of the things we have won


Received 'Most Innovative Public Transport Technology 2022' award, by the UK Transport Awards.

Winners of the 2022 Euro Bus Expo Innovation Challenge Bronze Award.

Winners of the 'ROSCO Silver Award for Contribution to Safer Driving' 2022

Profit Track 100 2021

Ranked in The Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100, acknowledging the impressive performance and contributions of the featured companies to the economy and society during the pandemic

Transport Ticketing

Winner of the Transport Ticketing Awards 2021 'Digital Champion' Category

Ticketer Award Megabuyte

Listed as 3rd in the Megabuyte Emerging Stars Awards which recognise the top 25 best-performing scale-up Companies of the Year in the UK, for industry-specific software

Ones to Watch award

Named as “One to Watch” in the European Business Awards

Ticketer Award Thames Valley

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year & High Growth Business of the Year

Gold Winner of the Coach and Bus Innovation Challenge 2019 for our passenger app Kazoot

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