Did you know? - Centreline Data

The Ticketer ETMs and back office support the addition of Road Centreline data to your service configuration, which can be used by the ETMs to provide greater accuracy of GPS locational recording. 

What is it? 

Centrelines are data that represent the geographic centre of road rights-of-way on transportation networks. In services, they depict the route the vehicle will take which will include around roundabouts, around corners, and even which lane to use in multi-lane highways.  

When tracking buses using GPS data, the Ticketer ETMs use this Centreline data to ‘snap’ the vehicle’s location to the road track, meaning it will more accurately follow the road. GPS ‘drift’ can be minimised through the use of centreline data meaning that third party systems, such as local authority RTI feeds, BODS data and bus apps, will show improved geographical positioning of all buses. 

To enable using Centreline data on your services, please contact our friendly Support Team on support@ticketer.co.uk.

 In summary… 

  • Centreline data is route data, outlining the route the service will take. 
  • The Ticketer ETMs and back office support the addition of Centreline data too your service configuration. 
  • The ETMs can use this route data to ‘snap’ the location to the route to minimise the effects of GPS drift. 
  • BODS may require Centreline data for compliance purposes in the future. 

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