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Destination Displays and Audio-Visual (AV) Screens are essential for communicating route information to passengers and those waiting to board. Traditionally, these need to be controlled manually by the driver and would be limited to show static information, such as the route terminus and occasionally a via destination. With an integration to Ticketer, however, these displays can now be used to communicate dynamic information – controlled automatically through the current location data, schedule and occupancy information, directly from the ETM.


What is it? 

Ticketer ETMs have the capability to connect to Destination Display systems, allowing the content to be driven by the ETM, including current route, schedule and occupancy* information. This allows for a richer and more diverse range of information to be displayed, directly controlled from the real-time information supplied by the ETM. 

*Passenger Occupancy is an add-on service, please speak to our team to find out more. 


How does it work? 

Most modern Destination and Audio-Visual Displays are regulated by a single controller and can be used to show onboard passenger information on the service’s stops, including expected time to destination, stops remaining and position on route. The external displays can show the current service route and destination, or other auxiliary information (for example, “Not In Service”). 

Integrating the Destination and Audio-Visual Displays to a Ticketer ETM not only removes the task of controlling this information manually by the driver, the information displayed can now also be dynamically controlled by the real-time data on the ETM. 

Passengers on the bus can now be updated via a countdown to the bus departure from the current stop. For passengers waiting at the bus stop, the external displays can show occupancy information, such as ‘Bus full’ or ‘Seats remaining’ / ‘Half full’ or ‘Lightly loaded’ so passengers can see how busy their bus is before they board. 


Ticketer ETMs can currently be integrated with Hanover, Mobitec and AESYS display systems via a simple physical connection. Any additional configuration information is managed through the Ticketer portal via a simple Excel spreadsheet. If your fleet has a mix of display systems, multiple profiles can be accommodated. 

The real-time options will depend upon the Destination Display manufacturer, and if your current supplier is not listed, then we would be happy to talk to you and your supplier to understand any integration possibilities.

If you would like more information on Destination Displays please contact our Support team who would be more than happy to talk you through the available options. 

In summary… 

  • Ticketer systems connect to Destination Displays, allowing for dynamic, accurate, up-to-date information. 
  • The system is automatic and removes the requirements for drivers to manually update or trigger information. 
  • With integration, the data that can be displayed is no longer confined to just showing static route information, but can also be used to provide your passengers with dynamic content based on the current schedule and occupancy of the bus. 

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