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As the UK’s leading provider, whether you’ve got a fleet of 5 or 5000, there’s a Ticketer Electronic Ticket Machine (ETM) model to suit you. We provide single, on-vehicle devices with integrated functionality to reduce the need for extra kit on the bus. Everything you need for smart, intuitive, efficient ticketing, all in one place.

Ticketer Standard

Our most popular ticket machine, used on thousands of buses. It has an adjustable screen, printer, ITSO and EMV certified card reader supporting contactless payment and an optional barcode scanner.

Great for… anyone who needs a reliable ticketing platform that accepts multiple payment methods and integrates multiple features.

Ticketer Handheld

Delivers virtually the same functionality as the Ticketer Standard, but with the added bonus of being completely mobile.

Great for… smaller passenger vehicles, or if you need an off-bus ticketing system, suitable for queue-busting at major events.

Ticketer Tap Off Reader

Working in tandem with Ticketer ETMs, the pole mounted reader enables frictionless travel with one simple tap out with a contactless card. With Tap In / Tap Out, you’re no longer forced to change your fare structure in order to introduce account based ticketing, giving passengers reassurance they are only paying for the travel they actually do.

Great for….detailed understanding of passenger journeys, multi-operator options, maximising passenger flow and minimising alighting times.

Ticketer compact

This model has the same size screen as the Ticketer Standard, but with a smaller printer and a separate smartcard reader.

Great for… vehicles that can’t easily accommodate a standard ETM, for example smaller vehicles where passengers board away from the driver.


Ticketer in a case

This is a self-contained machine in a stainless-steel travel case. Just plug into the mains and go.

Great for… operators that need a mobile ticketing machine for use in different locations, for example, schools, libraries and job centres.

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