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Bus Open Data Service (BODS) is all about making bus data more transparent and accessible to improve the passenger experience, facilitate better planning, and support innovation in the bus industry.

But navigating the specifications and ensuring you’re reporting correctly can be challenging. That’s where we can help…

The Ticketer System is on hand to do the heavy lifting for all BODS requirements across location, timetable and fare data. That’s because all the data you need is collected and hosted within our Ticketer ETMs and Ticketer Portal, and is easily fed to the DfT in the required standards.

All this data remains constantly updated, seamlessly reflecting any changes you make to the system in your day-to-day operations and requiring no additional effort from you. Plus, as the requirements for BODS change over time, we will continue to evolve our system to reflect any updates to make sure we’ve always got you covered.

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All Ticketer ETMs are equipped with GPS, so are location aware. They communicate in real-time with the Ticketer back office sending location data continuously.
This data can be exposed through the SIRI Vehicle Monitoring (VM) protocol as required by BODS. Most operators already deliver a SIRI feed from their Ticketer ETMs to local authorities, websites or mobile apps, and this is simply just another feed which can be quickly established to meet your Open Data requirements.


If you are using Ticketer’s Schedule Adherence solution, your timetables are already managed within the Ticketer System.
To allow operators to meet the BODS Timetable requirements, Ticketer will host the TransXchange files compliant to the DfT’s specification. You simply copy your own specific web address, provided in the Ticketer portal, and paste it into the BODS portal.
And if you don’t already use our SA feature (or if you’re not yet a Ticketer customer), we have recently introduced a “SA Lite” option to allow you to add your timetables to the system in order to meet your BODS requirements.

BODS fare information

As the majority of an operator’s tickets and fares already need to be managed within a ticketing system, it should be no surprise that the Ticketer System already holds much of the information that needs to be made available to meet your open data requirements.
As with timetables, the Ticketer System can export the necessary data in the required NetEX standard defined by the DfT, again hosting the necessary files and automatically keeping that data synchronised with fare updates that are made to the Ticketer System, thereby ensuring that you are always meeting your open data requirements.

If you would like more information regarding BODs or if you would like us to help you publish your data, please contact our customer support team who will be happy to help support@ticketer.co.uk

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