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Ticketer’s Vehicle Checklist feature gives Operators real-time visibility of reported vehicle defects, either completed by the drivers on their early morning walk-round checks or at any point mid-service. Ticketer’s Vehicle Checklist feature means it is no longer necessary to conduct daily checks using a paper checklist, and capturing information electronically means there’s no paperwork to lose.

Reduces operational and reporting administration

Creates an audit trail which is a vital part of compliance procedures, no paper to lose and faults are easier to audit, trace and administer in electronic format. To ensure compliance. the Ticketer ETM will not enable the driver to continue logging into the ETM until the checks have been completed.

Gives engineering teams visibility of identified faults during the service

It is no longer necessary to wait for the vehicle to return to the depot at the end of their shift in order to assess the engineering team’s workload for the night. Any faults noted can be graded for urgency, from immediate engineer attention required to logging an overnight repair.

A fully electronic vehicle checklist

Eliminates the daily sorting and re-keying of checklist cards and reduces errors. Drivers can also be given specific instructions for the repair to be completed using the driver messaging service.

Flexible and comprehensive vehicle checks

Drivers can add notes and mark fault positions. Unresolved defects are retained on the ETM, so drivers are aware of any known pre-existing issues. Operators can tailor the checklist to their own specified timescale, such as the first run of the day or every 6 hours.

Faults can be reported and viewed instantly

Results are uploaded to the Ticketer Portal for viewing and reporting. Checklists can be updated at any point during the trip to record incidents and other issues.

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