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You may expect a handheld ticket machine to have limited functionality or capability compared to devices that would be deployed on-bus. Not so with our Ticketer Handheld. It packs in all the great, innovative features that you would find on our on-bus ETMs, but with the added bonus of being completely mobile. 

It’s small, lightweight and contactless ready. With impressive battery life and an all-in-one printer, it’s great for smaller passenger vehicles, trams, queue-busting, off-bus ticket sales and even ticket inspections.

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We’ve got it covered. The new Ticketer Handheld is both ITSO and EMV certified, supporting Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay, to accommodate all passenger payment preferences.


Need to read QR codes as well? Not a problem. It has an in-built integrated QR and barcode scanner and is fully compatible with QR codes used on-bus. Tickets printed on the bus can be scanned on the handheld, and vice versa.

better performance – high reliability

With improved performance and high reliability, the Ticketer Handheld allows the user to focus on serving customers, and not worry about the technology.


Much-improved battery life over the old model – now typically a full day’s shift. No need for a designated “charging station”. Charging is easy – use a standard USB C cable, return the unit to an installed cradle if fitted, or simply swap the battery for an instant charge.

small and lightweight

A compact size, that fits in your hand and a weight of only 390g. So, it’s easy to carry around, and when not used it can be stored in the carry case, or mounted in-vehicle.


Operators will be pleased to hear that the same software as our on-bus ETMs runs on this new model. Why is that important? Well, not only does it mean that all the innovative features that you can find with the on-bus ETM are all here too, such as Driver Messaging, Vehicle Checklists and more, but all the new and exciting features we are expecting to deliver in the future will also be available on the Ticketer Handheld. So, you will never be left behind!

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