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Tap On / Tap Off (TOTO) enables frictionless bus travel with one easy tap-out using a contactless card or smart wearable device. All made possible with our pole-mounted validators, Ticketer Tap Off Readers (TORs.) It’s simple: passengers tap their payment method on the reader when boarding to tap-in, and again when leaving the bus to tap-out.

Customers unsure what ticket to buy? No worries! With fare capping, the system calculates passengers’ best value fare in the background, so they don’t need to decide which ticket to buy – passengers just turn up and go.

Tap Off Readers improve the passenger experience, uncover a sea of data including passenger travel habits, and unlock up to 70% faster boarding. All this is just a tap away.

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Getting valuable data

With Ticketer ETMs and Tap On / Tap Off Readers, everything is fully integrated with equipment from one supplier. Operators can see where passengers are getting on, but also where they’re getting off the bus, gathering valuable data to look at travel patterns and busy points, allowing them to use data to optimise the bus network.

reduce boarding times

Passengers are able to get on the bus much quicker, helping reduce unnecessary dwell time at bus stops. With up to a 70% reduction in boarding times seen by some operators, Tap On / Tap Off Readers are helping services run more smoothly for both passengers and drivers.

best value for passengers

With fare capping, passengers don’t need to choose what ticket they buy – they simply tap on and tap off, and at the end of the day the system works out their best value fare for the journeys they have made. With Account Based Ticketing, essentially the customer can travel flexibly, only paying for the travel they make. If a passenger forgets to tap-out, either ‘an end line’ fare or a default fare can be applied via the back office.

Improved passenger information

The data from passenger transactions can be utilised for customer web portals, as well as an integration into operator’s customer app. This allows passengers to view their transactions, including where they’ve boarded and alighted, how much they’ve paid, and where caps have been applied.


Passengers can still purchase tickets using their EMV card as they can do today. This is vital to ensure that whilst the main cardholder can board with a ‘tap’, they are still able to purchase tickets for other passengers (such as their spouse, children, dogs, etc.) with their contactless card.

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