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Using the existing ETM’s location aware and real-time capabilities, Ticketer’s Schedule Adherence feature enables operators to monitor their fleet against the schedule both in real-time and through historic reports. The solution is tightly integrated with the existing Ticketer solution, not a separate standalone system, and suited for operators who wish to gain greater visibility and control over their fleet’s adherence to timetables, without the need to procure complex and expensive RTI solutions.

Ticketer’s Schedule Adherence package not only reports on performance and compliance in the back office, but also timetables are made available to the ETMs so they can advise the driver’s against leaving bus stops too early.

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View live progress and historical reporting via Ticketer Portal

With GPS tracking on all ETMs, operators can have accurate visibility of their fleet and service performance against the timetable via colour coded displays indicating which buses are late or early via the Ticketer Portal.


With Schedule Adherence, you reduce one of the major frustrations passengers have when they see their bus drive off early, without them onboard. The driver can see the scheduled and actual times for each stop on the current trip, allowing them to advise passengers on the scheduled arrival times and improving the passenger experience.

Identify and respond to delays or incidents IN REALTIME

Graphical visualisations of service performance enables operators to identify service issues and proactively respond to them to minimise the impact on passengers.


A range of operational reports allows operators identify areas which can be fine tuned, to improve the performance of their vehicles against schedule. These reports can also be used to provide compliance of service running and punctuality.

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