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All Ticketer ETMs are equipped with GPS and regularly report their location via an ‘always online’ data connection to the Ticketer back office. As well as providing Ticketer operators with real-time visibility of fleet locations through the tracking page via the portal, this can also allow the ETM to feed into a Strategic Traffic Light Priority (STLP) platform, requesting traffic light priority via a Central Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) with no need to deploy and install a costly hardware solution.
Where the operator has the option to partake in a strategic traffic light priority scheme, the location awareness of the Ticketer ETM allows it to constantly monitor its location against a range of trigger points such as traffic light junction virtual geofences, allowing the ETM to drive traffic light priority management systems, with no more than a simple extension of the data configured in the back office.

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The virtual geofences can be simply and easily administered in the Ticketer Portal, with Excel upload and graphical visibility of the geofences together with a full audit of when each geofence is triggered on a per-trip basis.


When the bus drives through a trigger location that is allocated to the current route on a predefined bearing range, it will immediately trigger a report to the Ticketer back office.


In conjunction with Ticketer’s Schedule Adherence feature, the ETM can send a specific message to the UTMC requesting priority on the lights, where it indicates how late it currently is (priority) as it is approaches specific traffic lights.


Ticketer’s server to server model provides the means to centrally manage data feeds, as well as facilitating multiple endpoints should an operator function in more than one authority requiring separate feeds.


The Ticketer system is able to work with numerous security protocols for TLP data transfer, such as VPN, fixed IP, HTTP authentication for example, through multiple secure layers in order to ensure sustainable connections can be maintained without compromising any security protocols.

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