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All Ticketer ETMs come with Global Position System (GPS) support as standard which allow them, amongst other benefits, to report their positions periodically to the Ticketer servers. This allows you, as the operator, to view the real-time locations of your buses, and review historical routes, along with many more integrated functions.

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Real-Time locations

The map will display all the selected buses indicating the currently active service, the bus registration, and the current heading. When no heading is shown, this indicates that the bus is stationary.

Additional vehicle information

Clicking on a vehicle on the map will pop up a detail box showing additional information on that vehicle, such as the currently logged in driver, Heading, Speed, currently active Service, Direction, Duty and when it last reported.

Search for vehicles

The Search box allows you to quickly search for vehicles. As soon as you start typing into the Search box, the list of vehicles will automatically be restricted to those whose properties that match what is typed. The filter is not restricted to the vehicle registration, and it will in fact search on all the information associated with the tracked vehicle. For example, typing a driver’s name will automatically filter out the vehicle being driven by that driver, or typing in the service name, will automatically show only those vehicles on that service.

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