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With GPS tracking on all ETMs, operators have accurate, real-time visibility of the location of all vehicles, presented to operators via Ticketer’s Tracking feature.

Ticketer’s Tracking provides not only live and historical views of the location data, but operators can view the occupancy of any vehicle and can filter the view to exclude or include any vehicles according to a variety of parameters, such as service numbers, home depot or even occupancy or deviation to schedule. In addition, to manage services more efficiently, the vehicles can be colour-coded based on deviation to schedule, current occupancy level or even bus livery.

Ticketer’s tracking functionality also allows operators to view and manage geofence details of bus stops, restricted road access, traffic light junctions and depots.

In addition to the live views, users can access detailed route replays of any historical (or even live) trip listing all events which occurred during the trip, such as when the bus entered or exited a bus stop or other geofence, any tickets issued, any driver messages read or sent, any incidents logged, and more.

With different options available, Ticketer’s Tracking gives you, the operator, the capacity to manage your fleet, your way.

Tracking screen

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Real-Time locations

Map view displays all vehicles, including active service details, current occupancy levels, deviation from schedule, and more.


Access historical trip data per vehicle with a full audit history available listing bus stop enter and exit events, ticket transactions, messages received, and more.


View and filter live colour-coded occupancy levels which includes wheelchair bay availability.


View and filter live colour-coded deviation against schedules, including next stop display views of each stop showing the estimated time of arrival of buses at each stop.


Map and view all restrictions on your services and issue reports on any events for audit purposes.

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