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Our smart integrated ETMs support multiple payment options. Meaning operators can meet the changing needs of passengers, and passengers can pay in a way that suits them, all the while improving boarding times for everyone. From Contactless EMV to mTicketing, and with Ticketer ETMs and TOR’s enabling passengers to Tap In / Tap Out, we’ve got most payment options covered. We see enabling Account Based Systems as the next generation of payment for mobility services. It’s more than just a technology; it is a new customer-relationship model that brings an incredible user experience.

Contactless EMV

Ticketer ETMs support contactless transactions in one of two ways; the first as a cash replacement when purchasing one or more tickets. This is especially useful when purchasing tickets for others, such as group tickets or child tickets. The second allows contactless VISA or Mastercard cards to be simply tapped on the reader for ease of travel.

NFC digital wallets

We support key contactless digital wallet payment mechanisms, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. The latter includes supporting Apple Pay Express Transit mode where the passenger no longer needs to authenticate payments with Face ID or Touch ID. Just tap on our card reader and go!


Tickets can be purchased in advance of travel and downloaded onto the passenger’s mobile phone. Our QR code reader is part of the Ticketer ETM and scans the mTicket whilst on board to authorise travel. Passengers feel in control by allowing flexibility to plan journeys and purchase tickets in advance.

Printed QR codes

Our ETMs can print QR codes on the spot to provide a paper ticket which can be scanned for travel. Especially useful for printing day or period passes where the passenger may not have an access to mTicketing app, providing enhanced security and audit-ability even on paper tickets.

ITSO Smartcards

ITSO smart ticketing is the UK’s standard for smartcard ticketing used for all concessionary travel in the UK and commercial smartcard schemes. As well as scanning the smartcard as the passenger boards, products can be topped remotely or on on-bus with a variety of options. These can even be purchased with a contactless EMV card if necessary.

ITSO on mobile

Mobile ticketing solution that integrates with Google Pay that stores ITSO travel tickets alongside other cards and works just like a normal ITSO card, without needing to carry separate cards.


And not forgetting those operators who still need to accept cash as a payment option, our ETMs will continue to support cash ticket purchases in multiple currencies if required. If change cannot be issued by the operator, a credit voucher can be issued instead. The passenger can then use this as credit for future journeys.

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