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Ticketer’s Road Restriction Alerts (RRA) solution is on hand to help your fleet steer clear of roads with restricted access, be it due to height and width restrictions, navigational restrictions, or more temporal ones such as adverse weather conditions affecting routes.

Within the Ticketer Portal, operators can select from a series of navigational restrictions, e.g. “no-left turn”, “no right turn”, as well as set fully customisable hazard restrictions, e.g. “flooded road – drive carefully”. The ETM can then detect when the bus is approaching any restricted roads and warn the driver via an audio and visible alert which appears on the ETM ‘s screen.

Height and width restrictions for routes are also easily set using the latest dataset of restricted roads across the UK together with dimensions of the vehicles.


Road Restriction Alerts


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Road Restriction Alerts are set-up on the Ticketer Portal and published to your Ticketer ETMs, so there’s no costly hardware or installation requirements and you can be up and running in no time!

Navigational and hazardous restrictions

Set navigational restrictions,  (“no left-turn”, “no right-turn”) as well as more customisable hazardous restrictions which can be used for anything you require, (e.g. “flooded road”, “temporary roadworks”).


When in the vicinity of a road with restricted access, an audio and on-screen alert will show on your ETM. Different icons will be shown on screen to help visually communicate the type of restriction, making it easily identifiable for drivers. There’s also the option to provide extra text to your alert, should you wish to provide more context on the restriction.

Customisable geofences

The geofences used for height and width restrictions can be edited and modified to amend their radius, heading, dimension or even removing them from being sent to the ETMs to eliminate unnecessary false positives.


To reduce administration, you can set a predicted time frame on your restriction so it automatically lifts at the end date provided on the Ticketer Portal.

Road restriction functionality

Operators can edit the vehicle attributes to ensure that restricted access is only alerted when necessary. For example, a low bridge alert may not need to be signalled when a single decker is approaching a low bridge.


Whenever an ETM displays an alert to the driver, the event is captured by the ETM and issued to the back office for audit purposes.


The National Gazetteer is maintained through regular updates ensuring the list of restricted roads are synchronised with any local edits made.

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